World of Warcraft Shadow Priest DPS PVE Talents & Builds


Shadow Priest highly focuses on the damage output that it deals with, and it also brings a few de-buffs to raids that can increase the offensive magic damage dealt by the players present there. Another factor is that Shadow Priest can grant Mana to the members of their raid party, which entirely depends on the damage that they are dealing with. Thus, making them a perfect addition for raiding dungeons.

Shadow Priest: Talents and Builds

Discipline: Unbreakable Will, Wand Specialization, Silent Resolve, Improved Power Word: Fortitude, Improved Power Word: Shield, Martyrdom, Absolution, Inner Focus, Meditation, Improved Inner Fire, Mental Agility, Improved Mana Burn, Mental Strength, Divine Spirit, Improved Divine Spirit, Focused Power, Force of Will, Focused Will, Power Infusion, Reflective Shield, Enlightenment, and Pain Suppression.

Holy: Healing Focus, Improved Renew, Holy Specialization, Spell Warding, Divine Fury, Holy Nova, Blessed Recovery, Inspiration, Holy Reach, Improved Healing, Searing Light, Healing Prayers, Spirit of Redemption, Spiritual Guidance, Surge of Light, Spiritual Healing, Holy Concentration, Lightwell, Blessed Resilience, Empowered Healing, and Circle of Healing.

Shadow: Spirt Tap, Blackout, Shadow Affinity, Improved Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Focus, Improved Psychic Scream, Improved Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Improved Fade, Shadow Reach, Shadow Weaving, Silence, Vampiric Embrace, Improved Vampiric Embrace, Focused Mind, Shadow Resilience, Darkness, Shadow Form, Shadow Power, Misery, and Vampiric Touch.

Shadow Priest: Notable Talents

In terms of the Discipline Tree for wow shadow priest guide and wow shadow priest talents; Meditation, which is a large improvement to your Mana regeneration, and Inner Focus, which is used to perform a free spell cast that has a 25% chance for a critical strike.

Speaking in terms of the Shadow Tree for wow shadow priest talents; you have Spirit Tap, which provides 100% increased Spirit, as well as permitting 50% Spirit regeneration to work while casting. This happens when you deal a killing blow on a mob that is close to your character level for wow shadow priest guide. Shadow Affinity, which reduces the generated threat by 25%, making it a vital option for raiding. This allows Shadow Priest to deal with high threats, along with their spells when there’s a situation where they have to return the damage to death in the form of Mana & Healing for shadow priest shadowlands. Shadow Focus, which grants you a 2% chance per talent point for a Spell Hit, and provides a total of up to 10%. You can always remove the points from it if you have a gear that offers Spell Hit rating. The excess points can be placed in the Focused Mind. Mind Flay, which acts as a stacking debuff to increase the Shadow damage dealt on your target by 10%. Improved Vampiric Embrace, which is good for raid situations, as it heals your party members with 25% of the damage that you deal on an enemy target. Shadow Form, which provides a 15% increase in Shadow damage for shadow priest shadowlands. Misery, which increases the overall Magic damage that is dealt on an enemy target by 5%. Finally, there’s the Vampiric Touch, which is a damage-over-time spell that returns 5% of the damage that is dealt on an enemy in the form of mana – back to your party members.

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