Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Leveling Guide

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue is one of the most loved role-playing games for the old Sony Playstation. Most would say it has really cutesy graphics and indeed it is. However, past the very simple graphics are a solid storyline and an engaging game play. Known to most, the Lunar series on the Playstation is notorious for difficult leveling on higher levels. However, with enough knowledge, you can really pump your characters up quite quickly if you know what, where and how to level.
Leveling up in Lunar 2 is quite tedious especially if you try to level up on the last few dungeons. Even on the epilogue, experience points are tough to come by. However, there’s a special place where you can level up real fast. You got past through this early in the game. You can level up with the Chiro Mongrels in the White Dragon Cave. Let’s start off with Chiro’s stats. It only has around 1,000 HP. You might be thinking that it’s really easy but let me correct you on that. Chiro Mongrel’s defense is top of the line. It has extremely high physical and magical defense and even your most powerful attacks will do minimal damage. Aside from that, the Chiros are very quick. They’ll try to escape immediately on their first turn and won’t even give you a chance to attack most of the time.

But why are Chiros viable for leveling up? It’s because they give 33,333 experience points and 11,111 silvers. If you’re able to beat at least one of them, you’ll level up in no time. Plus, as you level up from Chiros, you’ll gain more than enough money to fill your entire inventory.

Now, go inside the White Dragon Cave and look for the mongrel looking enemy (check the second screenshot I provided). You’ll encounter several random variations. You can encounter 1 Chiro along with 3 Shiro mongrels, you can encounter Shiros only or you can encounter 2 Chiros. Just keep on fighting them until you reach the next level then go out of the White Dragon Cave and go back again so that the mongrels will re-spawn again. I suggest that you start leveling with Chiros when you reach level 55 so that your characters have their most powerful attacks. This can be very repetitive as well so it’s best to make use of the AI. Don’t worry, the commands that I’ve set can be used on any combination of enemies except for 2 Chiros while you’re still below level 70.

So, from level 55 to 70, set your AI (or do it manually if you’d like but it’s time consuming and boring while doing it over and over again) to the following: Hiro with Triple Sword, Ronfar with Red Dragon Spirit, Jean with Blue Dragon Fist, Lemina with Catastrophe and Leo with Flash Blade. This is probably the strongest possible combination. But if you encounter 2 Chiros, concentrate attack on just one of them. If you use the AI, it will try to attack both Chiros but it won’t kill them. Thus, when they get their turn, they will escape. Sometimes though, they attack you giving you another turn to attack but this situation is quite rare.

When you have reached level 70, things will probably become much easier since Hiro’s triple sword can hurt the Chiros considerably and coupled with your other party member’s attacks, they will go down immediately. Remember, as you level up, your speed stats sometimes increase thus, the Chiros will become slower than you. From level 70, you can set a new AI combination. With your characters powered up, set it to this combination: Hiro with Triple Sword, Ronfar just defend, Jean with Blue Dragon Fist, Lemina with Crematorium or Catastrophe (this will be your back up just incase your first few attacks don’t kill the Chiros) and then have Leo do Flash Blade. At this time, Hiro and Jean will have the first 2 turns and they are now capable of killing a Chiros and leaving the other one easy enough for Lemina or Leo.

There you have it. In my experience, I reached level 90 in around 5 hours or so which is quite fast. If you leveled up in the later dungeons in the game, it’d probably take you days. Just don’t forget to save your game often. I usually save right after I beat a Chiro. Good luck! Trust me. You’ll have a very easy time throughout the game, especially the epilogue, when you’re at high levels.